Friday, February 29, 2008


Today's Weigh-In: 212.6 lbs. (bummer)
5-Day Average: 211.56 lbs.

Sigh. I didn't hit my goal for this month, so the new goal of 210 by 3/7 stays. Now that I've gotten my back all fixed up I've been back in the gym 3 times this week. I let my diet slide a little the past 2 or 3 days, and it's caught up to bite me, as I haven't been able to really get under 212 (except for that one 209 weigh-in). Today is my weekly cheat meal day, but I'm going to try to keep it very reasonable. I've got a crap-ton of stuff to do tomorrow, and I won't be getting to exercise this weekend, so I've gotta make sure I eat right. Being very strict on the Zone seemed to be really good for my progress, so I'm going to go back to measuring everything and making sure that my ratios and blocks are right (no more estimating). I think that will bring me back on track to a good 1.5-2 lb. per week loss.

Also, I'm going to call some of you out. Seems as though it's been pretty quiet on the FAT front. Has everyone been slipping up and are too afraid to come out of the woodwork? You all know who you are, even if you can't make a big post, at least post something so we know you're still in the game. Don't make me come and get you, and drag you kicking and screaming to the computer.


Jason said...

Try to stay strong on that diet. I replied to your comment on my page. Have a good weekend.

Rob Tucker said...

Absolutely LOVE that you're calling out the Coaltion. It's not just me that does that now ;)