Friday, November 30, 2007


Today's Weigh-In: 223.0 lbs.
5-day Average: 224.84 lbs.

Just a check-in today. I've been doing well lately, hitting the gym consistently and with exuberance, and eating well. All my hard work in the gym seems to be paying off, as I feel strong (and sore) today.

The one thing that is plaguing me is my cardio. When I go to the gym I usually do 30-40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine before I do my 45 minutes of lifting, but for some reason I just don't feel like the elliptical machine is really increasing my endurance for real-world activities. I get sweaty and my heart rate goes to the correct level, but it doesn't tax my lungs like running does. Walking up stairs still makes me just as winded as it used to, and I just don't feel like my cardio is at the same level as my weight-training. I think I'm going to change it up a bit in the next few days and run on the track at the gym, just to see how it feels (and how far I can go without passing out). I have never been a fast (or durable) runner, but I really want to change that. We'll see how it goes.

On a side note: if you want to be sore after a workout, incorporate weighted squats and deadlifts into your workout. I guarantee you will feel the burn (they're also the most metabolically impactful exercises you can do, since they incorporate the largest muscles). Ugh my butt hurts :)


kyle said...

If you're looking to add running to your bag of tricks, I think that you've come to the right place. Personally I'm not a runner (at least not yet) but many of the Coalition members run quite often. I'm sure they would all sing it's praises.

I apologize for not commenting on your site sooner (I can't believe you've been around since the 6th :). I will add you to my page.

Have a great weekend!!

Geoff said...

Thanks, Kyle. Don't worry about not commenting, I don' think I commented on your blog until today. I think I need to set up a real RSS reader that includes everyone in FAT, so I don't lose track of everyone.

I used to run, when I first graduated college (2.5 years ago). My mom has been a runner for years (ran her first marathon at 46 years old), and my little brother was a high school track star, so I had them to help me and run with me, but now that I live on my own and my brother goes to school up north I don't have that support system in place. I also get shin splints easily, but I think it's mostly because of my weight and my weak calf muscles. If I do start to feel any pain I'll just mix up elliptical and running until I can run without injuring myself.

Marcol said...

Hey Geoff!

Doing it with exuberence is great - at least youre excited about it!

As for the cardio thingee, I would recommend you switch the order of your training from cardio first to weights first. This allows you to put all you have into your weight training which in the end is more beneficial to your weight loss goals. More lean muscle means a quicker metabolism which means youre a better fat burning machine...

If the elliptical isnt getting it done for you and youre not really a runner I would suggest you try the stationary bike...not the recumbent but the upright. This is actually one of the best cardio workouts. And rather doing steady state cardio...try intervals ...the EPOC (Tupac's brother) from intervals sets you into burning mode for a much longer duration after youre finished. With steady state once youre finished working out so is your fat burning potential.

Hope this helps. Keep at it!

Geoff said...

Hey Marcol,

I tried doing my weights first and cardio after, but it makes me nauseous for some reason. Plus the cardio helps me warm up my muscles for the weights so I don't hurt myself.

I have done intervals on the elliptical, and I do like it quite a bit. Not a fan of the upright bike, as it hurts my knees for some reason, but I'll mix it in once my legs get a bit stronger. I definitely want to keep it mixed up to prevent myself from stagnating.

Melissa said...

Well if you need support running, now you have us :) I never thought I would be a runner, well Im not there yet, but I can jog pretty good. I started a walk/run program and it worked out pretty good for me.

Ironcially when Im on the elliptical sometimes it doesnt feel as intense as I like it. Have you tried HIIT on the elliptical? In the end, that always felt like the workout I was looking for.

Jim McCoy said...

My cardio sucks too, so don't feel bad. Let me know what you do that works. I just might incorporate it myself

Ripx180 said...

I always feel like I am cheating myself on the elliptical also. It just feels so much easier than running etc. I like marcol's suggestions. Maybe do 5-10 min of cardio to warm up then lift weights and after that go back and wrap up your cardio. The whole idea is to have the max amount of energy to put into your weight lifting. Cardio can be pushed through mentally, weights not so much (at least in my head). Just want to make sure your maximizing your efforts. running is kind of a mental game too. weak calves shouldn't be holding you back and your body should adjust to the impact on joints after a few sessions. I weight the same as you and am almost 10 years older and can do it. Make sure you are running on a good treadmill and that you have good shoes (cant stress this enough). It will really help with the shin splints. Of course break in kind of slowly, no huge increases in mileage all at once. Take it slow, you are doing great.