Thursday, November 8, 2007

This sucks

Today's weigh-in: 232.8 lbs.

This sucks. I've been eating well and exercising for a month now, and I have not lost a single pound. It's incredibly frustrating to bust your butt at the gym only to see no (measurable) benefit. I feel stronger and have more energy, but I want to be less fat, dangit! I'm trying to hit 215 by the end of the year, but at the rate things are moving I don't see how that's going to happen. Maybe my body will reach its muscle-gaining limit and will just start burning up the fat. Not that I don't want to gain muscle, but I would rather lose fat, and then worry about the muscle later (I know more muscle=more metabolism=more fat loss, but I'm venting).

Usually at the beginning most people lose a bunch of weight, but me? Nada. Well I'm gonna keep at it and hopefully kickstart my body. What I've decided to do is get a tape measure, and do a weekly measurement and picture session. Then I will put my weight, measurements, and picture either up on the blog or in a binder (probably both, actually) so I can visually see my results. That should help me to not feel down (or to motivate me to kick it into gear if I'm not getting the results I want).


Rob Tucker said...

Try not to compare yourself to "other people". I know in my experience, I lost a bunch of weight at the beginning, but I know a few people who would start slow and then find their groove.

Welcome to FAT, I added your page today :) Keep in touch, and keep on working hard. You'll hit those goals.

Geoff said...

Thanks Rob! I'll add the other FAT sites to my page when a get a chance. I'm just gonna keep on truckin' and try not to fall off the wagon :)

Rob Tucker said...

That's the key. You'll have high points and low points. If you don't quit, you don't fail. We'll be here to make sure you don't have that as an option ;)

Kristen said...

Taking measurements and photos is a great idea. It will help you through the bad times when you're not seeing that number on the scale.

That being it possible that you're taking in more calories than you think? That is most often the biggest culprit when you're not losing ... especially after a month's time.

Even if you're not seeing the numbers, are you noticing other pleasant changes in your body? I know that I just felt less distended in my belly in the beginning, and that alone seemed to be worth the better eating and exercise.

Anyways...welcome to FAT!