Friday, November 16, 2007

Here comes temptation

Today's Weigh-in: 227.0 lbs.
5-day average: 228.45
Weight lost: 1.5 lbs.

Well it seems like I'm safely under 230 territory now. Today's weigh-in was actually after I ate breakfast (I forgot to do it before) so it's more likely in the 226 range. That's good times.

No pictures, as the UPS guy left my camera in the manager's office so I couldn't get it until this morning.

So... the weekend. My dreaded foe. Foiler of diet plans, crusher of dreams. I'm going to try to keep my eating scheduled on both days, and track my calories (which I sadly had not been doing on previous weekends). I'm going to see Tiger Army at the Wiltern tomorrow, which should be awesome. I sure love me some Tiger Army.

I know I will be tempted to drink a lot, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. On one hand I enjoy going out and having some drinks, but on the other hand I know alcohol is nothing but empty calories. I'll probably follow Billy's example of drinking straight whiskey (which I normally do anyway, but usually with lots of beer as well) and water to pace myself and keep me from drinking *too* much. We'll see how it goes :-)

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Rob Tucker said...

All you can do on weekends is be conscious of what is going in your body. Just make the best of all possible choices (sure is easier to type than do). You'll go great this weekend.