Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Obligatory New Year post

Today's weigh-in: 205.6

So, new year, new goals, blah blah blah. I'm big on refining my goals incrementally as I see need to, so there won't be any big pronouncement from me right now. I'm eating clean, now that the holidays are done, and I didn't gain any weight. I'm really focused right now as far as my training goes, and this week I've been really consistent in the gym. I'm working on new skills and strengthening weak ones. So altogether doing pretty well. I do want to pick a specific training goal to focus on for the next few months, and possibly to compete in some sort of athletic endeavor, but I still need to spend the time and give some thought as to what I really want to achieve. So that will be forthcoming within the next few weeks.

Still have the goal of getting under 200 again, so for now I'm chasing that with a passion.


Jim McCoy said...

The goal is under 200, huh? Looks like you're almost there. I'm back BTW, if you remember me. Keep it going!

Geoff said...

Well, that's the short term goal, at least. Ultimately? 180-185 seems like the sweet spot for maximum strength with minimum bodyfat.