Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weight is down, and PRs are up!

Today's Weigh-In: 207.4 Average: 207.7

Looks like the weight is moving in the right direction now. Slow and steady is going to be key here, as I don't want to lose any muscle mass in this process. I need to have the highest possible strength-to-weight ratio if I'm going to be at all competitive at the weightlifting meet.

Speaking of weightlifting, my training has been going really well. I'm nailing all my training weights, and I can feel the benefits of improved technique and strength. On Tuesday I decided to find a new max for the snatch, as my previous PR happened quite a while ago. My old PR being 155 pounds, I warmed up with some lighter weights, hit my old PR, and then failed 6 times on 165. I had my girlfriend record video of each attempt so I could see what I was doing wrong. I was pulling the weight really high, which is good, but I wasn't getting under it fast enough, and my shoulder flexibility was limiting my turnover speed. I corrected for these issues and nailed 165, followed immediately by 175 on the first try.

A 20 pound PR is amazing for this lift, and I'm really happy about it. Since my training protocol dictates each day's lifts based on percentages of 1-rep max I now will be doing heavier weights in my training as well.

Another small accomplishment: I clean and jerked 230 yesterday after my work sets, just to see if I could. My old PR was 225, so it's only a 5 pound jump, but it felt smooth and controlled, and I know I could have done quite a bit more if I had time.

Today is a rest day, but I'll probably do a short conditioning workout since I skipped yesterday's due to time constraints. Feeling good!


Rob Tucker said...


I'm so glad to see you going full strength. I'm trying to get my head re-wrapped around this whole thing and it really helps me to see determination paying off. Keep up the great work!

Ripx180 said...

That's great on the new PR's, be careful lifting for max though (no injuries)! Keep on posting ;)

Amanda said...

Glad to hear you figured out the issue, smart to have someone else tape you. I should try that for some of my lifts. Do you listen to music while you workout?

I'm looking for suggestions on music to listen to when I work out. My resolution for 2011 is to find more high energy music than the normal Top 40 stuff. While searching for music I found this video, its pretty funny and the song gets me moving. Wait until the end for a url to get the song for free:

Music suggestions welcome. Any songs you can’t go to the gym without?

Fatman said...

Strong stuff man, do you do squat snatches / cleans or the power variants?

I used to experiment with the Olympic lifts a bit, never amounted to much so now I'm sticking with the three powerlifts plus the power clean and press. Seems like you're making good progress on the bodyweight fron too.

Glad to find this blog, I will be adding it to my list of things to read. Stay strong!

Geoff said...


I do both variants, depending on what I'm working on that day. Mostly I'm working the full (squat) variants, as my third pull (pulling myself under the bar) is where I'm weakest right now.

Glad to have you reading!