Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Going strong

Today's Weigh-In: 206.2

Well, I didn't quite make the goal of 205 for February 1st like I had hoped, but I'm still moving in the right direction. My weight is fluctuating depending on the day of the week, since I'm doing weekly high-carb cheat days on Saturdays. So I'm probably going to make my "official" weigh-ins on Fridays, when my weight should be at its lowest for the week, and then just kind of ignore the fluctuations on the other days.

Still going strong in the training realm. I haven't missed any scheduled sessions, although I have had to move some of the conditioning workouts around due to time constraints. I'm also doing more mobility work to make sure I keep all my muscles, joints, and ligaments nice and limber to prevent injury, especially since I'm moving some pretty heavy (for me) weights on an almost daily basis. My body is holding up pretty well, especially considering the fact that I'm in a caloric deficit. The only problem I'm having is with my back and shoulders being tight, and that's due to my busted bed. Once I get my tax refund it's time to replace that piece of crap.

Diet's also been spot on, save for the planned Saturday shenanigans, where many beers were consumed and pizza eaten. It's nice to have a day where you don't have to worry about diet.

Off to the gym now for some more lifting and some conditioning. I hope everyone else is doing just as well as me.

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