Monday, October 25, 2010

Whole30 challenge

No weigh-in today, sorry. So, this month has been pretty sub-par. I'm basically in maintenance mode, allowing a lot of not-so-good foods to slip in. Time to clean it up.

I'll be participating in the Whole30 challenge during the month of November. This means no sugar, dairy, grains, peanuts, liquor, beer, or wine for the whole month. After last month's alcohol fast, and the subsequent re-introduction into my life, I find I'm better without it for the most part. I've been eating more and more things with sugar in them, and as a result I've been craving sugar more and more often. The sugar cycle is an endless one, unless pains are made to break it. I'm going to go 100% strict this time, not even allowing any of my little vices like pastured butter or heavy cream in my coffee. Just gotta go whole-hog and see what happens. One of the rules is no weighing yourself or taking measurements during the challenge, so I'll take my last weigh-in for a while on October 31st, along with some measurements, which I'll repeat after November is over so I can have some data (I'm a computer programmer, I live and die by data).

My training will stay the same, doing Crossfit workouts 4-5 times a week along with additional strength work 3-4 times per week. I'm not going to be counting calories, and I'm going to just eat as much as I desire. I'll also continue to do my intermittent fasting protocol, so as to not mess with too many variables all at once. I think I'll probably do a couple of Crossfit benchmarks this coming week so I can compare before/after numbers and see if/how my fitness improves. I'm also interested to see if cleaning up my diet will help with my nagging shoulder injury (which I suspect is partially being aggravated by inflammation due to bad food sources).

This blog might end up being used as a meal and workout log for a while, just to keep on track and give myself some perspective. I'll try to update it more frequently than I have in the past month, for sure.

That's my plan, wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October goals

Today's Weigh-In: 206.8 Average: 204.41

Sorry for the long gap in between posts. I just haven't had a lot to say. As expected my low weigh-ins were not to last, but that's okay. I'm still closer to my goal than I was, and today's weigh-in was exceptionally high for some reason. It should stabilize around 204-205 within the next few days.

Well, we're 5 days into October and I haven't posted my goals yet. Here we go:

* Weigh 200 pounds by November 1st
* Continue doing Crossfit 5 days a week.
* Continue working ring muscle-ups
* Snatch 165 pounds

Now that I can do muscle-ups I have to work on doing them more efficiently and with less rest in between repetitions. Last week I did 5 in one day, but I needed a good 10-15 minutes in between attempts to be successful. I also want to focus on my Olympic weightlifting total, and my snatch is currently much worse than my clean and jerk. I'm going to be using Saturday mornings as skill work, so I'll practice both of these movements every Saturday this month.

I tweaked my shoulder (again) last week, so it's a bit tender, but I've been taking care of it and it should be 100% by the end of the week. On Saturday my Crossfit affiliate is hosting the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser, and the workout associated with it is called "Grace", which is 30 reps of Clean and Jerk at 135 pounds. I need my shoulder to be solid for that one, so if I have to baby it a bit this week then that's what I'll do.

Here's to a good month.