Friday, February 8, 2008

Death of a scale

My stupid scale's battery died today, so I have no weigh-in for the challenge. I'll try to get a new one this weekend. Speaking of batteries, I bought some new rechargeable batteries for my camera, charged them up, and put them in. The camera then told me to change the batteries, as they're dead. I'm beginning to think the problem isn't the batteries, but the camera itself. Which sucks, because that means I'm going to have to send it somewhere (or take it to a repair shop) and I don't want to do that. Oh well.

I stuck pretty well to the Zone diet yesterday, but 16 blocks is not enough food (a block is a macronutrient measurement used to create your meals). I'm upping it to 17 blocks today, which I think is more in line with where I should be so I get enough protein. Other than that it's been pretty easy to follow, and I don't feel run down or anything so good times.


Rob Tucker said...

Sucks about the camera and the scale. Don't sweat it - just get a weight to me w/e you can.

The diet seems ok so far - just don't starve yourself. Hungry is temptation's playground.

Melissa said...

Its just not your day with things working eh? I hope the camera isnt to much to get fixed..I know how that can be!

Good job reassessing how you feel and making adjustments with the zone.