Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kick in the teeth

Today's Weigh-In: 215.0 lbs. (new low!)
5-Day Average: 217.0 lbs.

Wow, it feels good to put the words "new low" on there. I've been bouncing around between 216 and 220 for so long now that I just needed something to give me a psychological boost. I've been eating really well so far (calorie-wise) this week, and I was hoping for 216, but I got 215 instead. That's 3 pounds less than yesterday, so I'm not sure it'll stick, but I hope it does. I didn't do anything yesterday to dehydrate myself or anything, so I dunno. I'm just glad the scale is moving again. If it does stick that will signal 15 pounds lost since I started. Yay.

I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in two years, and guess what? I need like $2000 worth of treatments done (no cavities, but I have a periodontal infection and I need my wisdom teeth removed). That's $2000 that my insurance *doesn't* cover, so that blows. That's also not including the braces that the orthodontist recommended, which would cost me $2600 out of pocket. So that's a kick in the teeth (no pun intended) that I wasn't expecting. It won't affect my goals or anything, but I just wanted to rant a bit.


billy said...

Dude I skipped the dentist for almost 10 years. By the time I went I needed 2 root canals, had 4 cavities, and needed a "scaling" for periodontal disease. It sucked.

But now, I'm all caught up, and I can go to the dentist again like a normal person. Once it's over, it's definitely worth it...

Anonymous said...

Grats on the new low!

I hit the dentist up for the first time in over ten years back in Decemember - and it was not a fun experience, let me tell you! Plus, that two grand they want you to fork over sure sucks.

Rob Tucker said...

I've been lucky (knock on wood) with that - my teeth are pretty solid, go every six months. Had the wisdoms out, but other than that, I'm ok.

Awesome on the "new low" - really glad to see that. Let's see you put a string of them together now!