Monday, January 7, 2008

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun

I was in a hurry this morning and my roommate was taking up the bathroom so I didn't get to weigh myself this morning.

Did another CrossFit workout today. 10 sets of 1-rep front squats. I love doing power lifts. I'm a pretty strong guy, so that's really where I shine. I got 195 lbs. but I think I could have gotten 205, but I ran out of sets. What's great is that they really force me to do them with perfect form. And what's crazy is that when you do it with perfect form, you are actually able to lift more weight (and you don't risk injury). I'm really digging CF so far, it's just fun. I really like pushing myself to the limit and addressing weak spots (like my cardio). I think I'm going to do really well with it.

Eating has been good, I haven't been calorie counting as much lately but I'm gonna get back into it today. I ate my one cheat meal on Friday and it made my stomach hurt so badly I couldn't get to sleep. So much for greasy food. Good riddance.


Anonymous said...

I find when I cut out the "bad" food and treat myself to it once in a while I have that same problem.

Brian said...

Same here on the "bad" food, depending on what it is. I think thats great since it makes it easier to not indulge.