Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today's Weigh-In: 217.4 lbs.
5-Day Average: 219.0 lbs.

Well, the last 2 days I've weighed in under 218, so I'm going back in the right direction. Still hoping to hit a 215 weigh in (if not a 215 average) by the end of the month. I've been making the right food decisions and tracking my caloric intake religiously, so that's awesome.

I didn't work out this morning because we had a gnarly hailstorm with crazy gusts of wind, and I really didn't want to go out in it at all. So I slept in, which I think I needed because it felt great. I'm not going to work out tomorrow either, but Saturday I'll be snowboarding all day which should make up for it.

I'm going to see Social Distortion tonight at the House of Blues Anaheim, which should be sick. I've never seen them live even though they play around here pretty often. I'm not going to drink because I'm the DD for the evening, which is fine by me. My only concern is getting home too late and not getting enough sleep, but since the show starts at 8:30 and my roommate also wakes up early we should be home before midnight.

That's it for now folks, talk to you later.

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Rob Tucker said...

Glad to see the weight sneaking back into the right direction. Just don't do what I do and sabotage yourself tonight. That should be a great show.