Monday, January 21, 2008


Today's Weigh-In: 221.2 lbs.
5-Day Average: 219.5 lbs.

Grrr. My average is 1 pound heavier than it was 2 weeks ago. But I know what's wrong, and I know how to fix it. My diet, while not being terrible, has not been keyed in lately. I've been allowing some not-so-great foods to slip in, and I've been eating a bit more than I should. But that's done. This week is 100% clean, 100% of the time. No cheat meals, no fatty meats, just good lean protein, lots of veggies and fruit, and some good dairy. I want to get 2 pounds off my average by next Monday, and I think I can do it. Like they say, you can't out-exercise your intake, but you can always out-eat your output.

I didn't get to the gym this morning as I had a bit of a late night last night. This week I'll be hitting the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and taking Friday and Saturday off because I'm going snowboarding on Saturday (and I don't want to be all sore on the slopes). So only 3 days in the gym, but a whole day of snowboarding should make up for it.

I can feel myself starting to become complacent. A lot of people have been noticing the changes I've been making, so I feel good about that, but I can also feel the "good enough" syndrome creeping in. I don't really look fat like I used to, now I just look big (with clothes on, without them I still look fat) but much more healthy (I used to look somewhat bloated, especially in pictures). I know I need to lose a good 30 more pounds before I can even consider myself being good enough. My original goal weight was 175, but that was assuming I would lose some muscle, which I haven't done, so I'm going to adjust my goal weight to 185 lbs. and then reassess myself once I get there. If my body fat measurements are somewhat accurate, and I don't lose any muscle mass, I would be at around 10% body fat at 185 lbs. I guess we'll see how I look when I get there.


Jay said...

You and I are in the same place. I have been feeling complacent lately, and making decisions that are seemingly designed to specifically sabotage my program. I think a refocusing on the core goals is what's needed, and a bunch of small steps to get you there.

Rob Tucker said...

Complacency is dangerous. It kills you, because chances are you're in the gym busting your ass, and you're not seeing the results you deserve.

You know what to do and have done it before - just do it again. Tighten it down. Glad to hear you re-focused.