Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Pics and Measurements

I took some new measurements the other day. It turns out I haven't posted measurements since January, so the differences are quite dramatic. All numbers are in inches:

Bicep: 14.25 (-0.5)
Neck: 16.75 (-0.25)
Waist (flexed): 37 (-2.5)
Waist (relaxed): 38.5 (-2.75)
Hips: 37 (-4)
Thigh: 23.5 (-2.5)
Chest (flexed): 43.25 (-1.75)
Chest (relaxed): 41 (-1.5)
Calf 16 (-0.5)

I'm extremely happy with those. I also have some new pictures. You can compare them to the last set of pictures here.


Ripx180 said...

you have made great progress man!!!! Pics speak a thousand words and yours are talking. You can tell you have a very good foundation.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Keep it up.

Jason said...

wow man, great job. I'm definatly real jealous of the numbers your are putting up with your squat, deadlift, and bench. I can't wait to be there. I'm liking the 5x5, I feel stronger after doing these workouts, and they don't take up half my day. thanks again for the input.

Keep up the great work, you'll be under 200 anyday now!

Brent said...

Lol, I guess I gotta teach you how to do a real double-bi pose :P Lookin' good thoough. You look way less puffy and bloated. You're definitely gettin' there.

Melissa said...

Your doing awesome! Keep up the great work!