Thursday, April 17, 2008

Basic status update

Today's Weigh-In: 207.2 lbs.
5-Day Average: 205.16 lbs.

I stepped on the scale today, hoping for a sub-205, only to be crushed with the weight (no pun intended) of a 207. I started racking my brain, thinking "What did I possibly eat to cause that to happen?" Then I remembered: I started creatine this week, and as a result I'm retaining water (which happened the last time I took it). So then I felt a bit better.

This week has been pretty good on the exercise front. I've been in the gym on all my prescribed days so far, and I hope to be in there the next 2 days as well. I had a bit of a problem this morning as I was doing my Crossfit workout, in that when I was doing overhead squats I got a crazy migraine-like pain in the back of my head and had to stop. Once I cooled down I could feel that it was coming from my upper back and neck, so I've gotta watch out for that. It feels okay now, and I have a foam roller coming in the mail that I will be using in the future to release the tension in that area, but it was kinda scary, as I've never had anything like that happen to me.

Diet-wise this week hasn't been bad, but hasn't been 100% either. I really need to go shopping since I'm out of a lot of food that I normally use as staples (chicken, chili, salmon) so I've been eating more beef and other not-so-lean meats. I plan on remedying this ASAP, as I kinda like the food I eat on a regular basis more than this other stuff.

That's it for me, hope everyone is on track.


Ripx180 said...

The creatine will water log you. Filling those muscles with some high quality H20. I think its a great idea since you are lifting heavy and hard doing the CF. That program is hard core. Glad things are staying on track for you. Lets see a Onederland number on your blog in the near future :)... I will be saying in my head in a immortal like voice "Behold Geoff in Onederland"

Jason said...

man, that sucks about the migraine like pain, and I bet it was scary. Good thing it went away.

I understand completely what you are saying about being out of food. I love eating my so called "diet" food, but when it gets used up I usually go back to the crap I use to eat. Keeping up with the shopping definatly helps me out a lot. Hope the creatine helps you hit your squat and deadlift goals man.

Rob Tucker said...

Those pictures are great - you've completely transformed. TONS to be proud of.

(didn't get to response to the last one, thought I'd keep my thoughts on the most recent blog - been a bad blog comment-er lately.. sorry!)

Brent said...

Careful with the headaches. That definitely means your neck is out. I had to stop exercising until I saw Dr. Peterson because of that. If you start to feel it at all tomorrow, stop and go see John 'cause it will ruin your day practically. Sucks that you got it though :\ I've had a prob with that every couple of months.

justin said...

Creatine will definitely screw with your weigh-ins. Keep drinking the water though too. I sometimes get a bad headache from the creatine and not drinking enough water with it...but your migraine sounds totally different.

Dude, the differences in the pics and measurements are awesome. You have done a great job. Keep up the good work.