Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April goal: 200 lbs.

Today's Weigh-In: 206.2 lbs.
5-Day Average: 206.2 lbs.

I seem to be getting out of my rut. I've focused on not doing things out of habit, both at work and at home, and it's really helped me to be aware of what I do without thinking. I've also been trying to do things that I normally don't do (or haven't done for a long time) such as hang out in the jacuzzi, read a book, or play video games (which I used to do all the time but haven't been able to do recently). I've also focused on organizing my life (and my surroundings) a bit better, and that has helped me to stay focused. As a result my mood and outlook are improving.

My weight is also going down again (yay!). Yesterday I had a new low of 205.6 lbs. and I'm hoping to beat that again this week. I've cut alcohol almost completely out of my diet for now, and I'm just focusing on working out hard and staying injury-free. I'm going to set a pretty aggressive goal (for me, at least) of getting to 200 pounds by May 1st. I didn't make last month's goal, but I got pretty close, and if I can keep my eye on the prize I should be able to make this month even better.


Jason said...

Hey man, thanks for posting a comment. I'm going to try the strong lifts workout for the next couple of weeks and see how that goes. I was wondering if that was all you did. It seems as though I can do more than that, so just wondering. Also, it's good to see you're coming out of your rut, so close to the 100's man, I'm very jealous. What video games do you play? I play the xbox 360 every now and then, call of duty 4. If you have xbox live, give me a friend request hoosey39. Later man, good luck in April

Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird how when we start fixing our bodies, fixing the other aspects of our lives is the next natural step?

Anyway, good luck on 200! I'm rooting for ya. :)

Jason said...

Also, I was wondering what you do for your abs? Or if you have any other sugguestions for workouts. Like I said in the other comment, I'm going to do the beginners 5x5 stronglifts workout, thanks for the input

Ripx180 said...

Your April goal looks very obtainable. Cant wait to watch another FAT brother get through the onederland pearly gates!! Keep on going man!

Rob Tucker said...

Good to see, Geoff. Nice work.

I know with the spring starting to.. well, 'sprung', I'm finding it easier to be more active. April's going to be the month you quit being a 200 pounder forever.