Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today's Weigh-In: 208.9 lbs :-(
5-Day Average: 208.08 lbs.

I know I haven't blogged in a while, sorry about that. My average is going up, which sucks. I haven't been eating poorly or anything (except for a bit of candy on Easter), but I feel like I have been eating too much. A little extra chili here, a bit of almonds and beef jerky there, it all adds up. I'm going to need to start measuring again, at least until I get a better idea of how much I really need to eat.

I don't think I will be able to achieve my goal of 205 lbs. by the end of the month, which really pisses me off. I just have not done well these last few weeks, and I need to straighten myself out. Thankfully a new month approaches, and with it a newfound desire and motivation to work out hard and eat right.

If I had to point to a few things that caused me to miss my goal they would be not working out enough (was shooting for 5 days a week, ended up averaging about 3), not getting enough sleep, and just eating too much. These can all be remedied, and they will be. I'm not that far away from the 100s, so I really need to want it.


Jason said...

sounds like you have a good plan of attack. Stick to it and you'll be in onederland anytime now. I'm looking forward to April, it's going to be a good month!

Rob Tucker said...

"Too much" good stuff is just as bad as the bad stuff. That's such a trap door - be careful. I fell into that one a hundred times.