Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today's Weigh-In: 209.0 lbs.
5-Day Average: 209.73 lbs.

Not much to say today, but wanted to at least post something. This whole daylight-savings thing is throwing me off. I can't fall asleep at my normal time because it's too early, but I still have to wake up at the same time, so I've been getting less sleep than I need. And I do not function well without my 8.5 hours. So I've been dragging a little bit, and just being lazy in general. I ate fast food today (oh noes) because I'm out of food at home, but I'll still aim to be under 2200 calories for the day. Weight is still moving down, which is good, but I feel like I could be doing better. I'll go shopping tonight, and hopefully, if I get enough sleep, I'll be re-motivated tomorrow.


justin said...

I hear ya about the time change. I haven't slept right since. I think we should just move the clock back and hour twice each year instead of once.

Although some would argue that calories aren't equal, and I agree to some point, you probably won't see any noticeable difference from eating a bit of fast food while keeping the totals in check. Keep up the good work.

Jason said...

I have to say, other than the first day I love moving the clock up. I like getting out of work with sunlight. Makes me feel like I didn't spend ALL day at work. I can see how it messes with sleep patterns though.

I wouldn't sweat the fast food to much though. Just don't make a habit of it and try not to justify doing it because then you could fall into doing it more often because you've found a reason. When I mess up, I just say "you fucked up Jason, don't do it again". I know it's probably going to happen again, but I don't make excuses and then I make sure to eat right for at least a week afterwards. Seems to be working for me. Sounds like things are going good though. Closing in on 100's