Friday, July 9, 2010

Doing better

Today's Weigh-In: 208.4
PhysicsDiet Average: 209.77

Good weigh-in today. My shoulder is also starting to feel better. I've been making sure to take the time to stretch it a few times a day, along with icing it at night. I did a workout with 70+ pull-ups yesterday and, while it didn't feel 100%, it didn't flare up either. Comparing this to last week, I did a workout with 50 pull-ups and had to stop because of the inflammation and pain, so there's definitely some good progress in the right direction.

My diet has been perfect since Tuesday. 98% paleo foods (small amount of cream in my coffee today), 15 hour fasts daily, a small amount of wine, and making sure I eat enough to fuel my workouts but still lose weight. This weekend should be good, since there's nothing really going on and I can make sure to cook my own food.

With 22 days left in the month I feel that my goal of a 204 weigh-in by August is still doable. I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of the month, so that's really the only life event that might get in the way, but it definitely doesn't have to if I don't let it. So I won't let it.

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