Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back on track, again :-)

Today's Weigh-In: 210.6 Average: 209.89

My weigh-ins have been a bit high for the past few days, but it's totally my fault. Fourth of July weekend will tend to have that effect on all but the most stalwart dieters, and I'm no exception. The good news is that I'm totally back on track as of yesterday, with a day of perfect eating, which I plan to continue throughout this week and weekend. If it takes losing the weight via fits and spurts then so be it. Who knows how this will affect my monthly goal, but it's still early enough in the month to make up any lost ground.

My nagging shoulder injury is still taking it's toll, unfortunately. I worked out yesterday, but that aggravated it pretty bad, so I'll have to stick to exercises that don't rely on any pressing or ballistic motions (which means pull-ups, kettlebells, and push-ups are out). I'm taking good care of it, making sure not to sleep on it, and massaging it a lot, so I'm hoping it will start feeling better soon. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good, so there's no reason I can't improvise some shoulder-less workouts in the meantime.

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Ripx180 said...

The 4th is always a bad eats time... Glad to see your still in the game. Sorry to hear your shoulder is still bugging you. I think that might be one of the downfalls to max weight (or close to max weight) reps. As you know if your not extra careful there is good chance for injury. Luckily you still have the biggest muscles in your body to work. Time to hammer the legs ;). Keep the posts rolling.