Thursday, June 3, 2010

First weigh-in of summer

Today's Weigh-in: 212.4 lbs.

Looks like my estimate for my weight from yesterday was accurate. Which means by July 1st I need to weigh in at less than 208.4 lbs. to reach my goal.

If anyone is interested in what my workouts look like you can check out the twitter feed on the right-hand side of the blog. It's linked to my beyondthewhiteboard account, so whenever I post a workout on there it gets tweeted. I'm pretty much just doing the workouts from the main-site, with a few other workouts on main-site rest days.

I skipped breakfast this morning as I wasn't particularly hungry, but I've got some homemade carnitas and guacamole for lunch, along with fresh strawberries and a cabbage/cucumber/bell pepper salad. I've also made sure I have healthy snacks (nuts and jerky) in my truck for after workouts so I won't be tempted to stop at any fast food places on the way home.

I think I've got my bases covered, so hopefully I can crush this goal and build some nice momentum.

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