Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So long to too-much-carbs

Today's Weigh-In: 222.8 lbs.
5-day Average: 223.7 lbs.

Down a pound from yesterday, and almost 2 pounds from Monday. I won't be surprised if my weight goes up tomorrow (unless I was retaining water or something weird on Monday).

I've been tracking my calories for a while now, and I took a look at the amount of each macronutrient I have been eating. It seems that I am consistently over my goals in carbs, and consistently under my goals for protein. But no more. I am shifting to a 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat macronutrient split (by calories, not weight). Before I was at probably 55% carbs, 25% protein, 20% fat split, and I think the carbs are causing my slow weight loss. This means I gotta eat more meat, more (healthy) fat, and less starch, bread, pasta, rice, and cereals. I thought about going on a full-blown ketogenic diet, where you cut out all carbs except for green vegetables, but that's too restrictive for my lifestyle. It seems to work for a lot of people, but I don't think I could do it. Plus, if you slip up on a keto diet, you kick your body right out of ketosis and it starts releasing insulin, and I just don't think I can be quite that rigorous with it.

I also realized that I haven't been eating nearly as much fruits and vegetables as I did when I first started, and I want to change that as well. Instead of having a chicken breast and rice, I'll have a chicken breast, some salad, and some broccoli. That should provide the right amount of fiber, nutrients, and vitamins that I need, as well as healthy carbs and protein. Gotta eat your veggies :)


Rob Tucker said...

Just what I like to see.

You made improvements, and got used to them. Now, you're re-checking, and making it better.

That's how you build a fitter you.

Brent said...

Nice :) Honestly, that's the way to do it. You gotta periodically reevaluate what your routine is. I have the same problem of eating far too many carbs and not enough protein. I'll have to talk to you on AIM about some ways to do that because I've never really controlled my diet like that.

Oh, also, I tried "Angie," the Crossfit workout of the day from the 11th. *Cries* If you get into Crossfit shape, then you will be the man.

Jim McCoy said...

Constant evaluation is the only way to get through this. That's why I just updated my own workout today. :)

Melissa said...

The best way to see results is by doing what your doing.