Wednesday, December 5, 2007

100 Percent

(Sorry for stealing your blog title, Rob)
Today's Weigh-In: 226.4 lbs.
5-day average: 226.28 lbs.

My average has gone up in the past two days, but I think it's because I began supplementing with creatine at the end of last week, so I'm probably retaining more water than normal. And my weigh-ins are starting to come down, so I'm hoping the creatine water-retention level has evened out.

After reading Rob's recent blogs, I've decided that I, too, need to go 100% if I'm going to do this effectively. I had been doing about 80-85%, and my slow weight-loss reflects that. Since Monday I have been going 100% on everything: diet, cardio, weight-lifting, sleep. I've decided to drop my calorie limit from 2200 to 2000, as I think my body can handle it without suffering any ill effects. If I start feeling tired or weak I'll bring it back up a bit.

My goals for this month are:
-no alcohol during the week, and only once during the weekend (in moderation).
-consume no more than 2000 calories a day
-hit the gym 4 times a week (same as last month)

I've already had to decline one offer to go to the bar to play pool, but I think it will be worth it. If I can be consistent with my calories and gym time, I know my weight loss will kick into high gear and I can lose more in this month than I have in the 2 months since starting all this. I want to win this month's challenge :)

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Melissa said...

I think I read on Jays blog that creatine caused him water weight to. Being consistent like you have this week is defintely what will show you the results you want!