Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frustrating numbers

Today's Weigh-In: 224.6 lbs.
5-day Average: 223.48 lbs.

Stupid weigh in. Somewhat expected, but I'm still angry. I went to the gym on Tuesday and felt like crap, was really sore, had shin-splint pain, and bagged my workout after 15 minutes. Then I went home and ate a crappy dinner, followed by crappy drinks.

Ate well yesterday (well, maybe a bit too much salt, not enough veggies) and I'm eating well today, so I'm hoping I can stop my average from going up any more. It seems like if I slip up even a tiny bit the weight comes right back with a vengeance. I'm just wondering how the crap I'm supposed to keep it off if it does that... I can't eat this little food forever. Ah well, hopefully it's just a fluke and I'll be back down under 222 within the next few days. My body feels better today so I'm gonna get a good workout in to make up for the lack on Tuesday.

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Kristen said...

If you're working out, you're probably gaining muscle, so try to not get too frustrated with the number on the scale (easier said than done). Try to eat as clean as possible in a way that you can live with long-term. Cut back on sodium and carbs where possible.

I think you're doing great overall. Stick with it! You'll be glad in January when you don't have too much extra to take off.