Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good news

Today's Weigh-In: 201.2 lbs.
5-Day Average: 202.25 lbs.

1.8 pounds down, 9.2 to go

So, I'm still rolling along. I had a bit of a cheat for dinner tonight (Hawaiian Barbecue) but I didn't eat that much prior to it, so I doubt it'll have too much effect. I'll also skip this Friday's cheat meal, just to keep myself honest.

So yesterday I alluded to having an appointment, and missing my workout as a result. I didn't want to post anything then, but now I can tell you guys that it was a job interview. And today, they offered me the position, so I'm very happy. It's a substantial pay increase (20%), and a new learning opportunity for me, since I'd become very lackadaisical in my current position, very comfortable but not improving myself or my skills any further. So this new job should fix that right up. It'll be a bit stressful learning all the new technologies and methodologies, but I think it will be very worthwhile.

The nice thing about it is that the hours are very flexible, so I'll still be able to get my workouts in every day. I'll be working 9 hour days, but we get every other Friday off, which is sweet.

It's kind of crazy, though. A week ago I wasn't even thinking about changing jobs, and I accidentally answered the phone when a recruiter called (I thought it was my dentist's office). And now, a week later, I'm making a very large step in my career. So it's a bit of a shock, along with a heavy load of stress, as I've had to scrounge up my references and talk to a lot of different people. I still have to tender my resignation, and that's very stressful for me, as I'm very eager to please, and resigning usually results in a bit of disappointment and stress for my manager. Oh well, I have to live my life and do what I have to do.

This might result in a slowing of blog posts from me, as I'll be very busy in the first few weeks ramping up and learning, but I won't drop out or quit at all. Wish me luck!


Ripx180 said...

Thats great news man. Allot of the time everything just falls in the right place, congrats! keep us posted on what you think about the new job. Keep working out and eating right.

Jason said...

Wow, that is awesome about the job and pay increase! Funny how things work out like that huh? I know what you mean by feeling lackadaisical at your old job...I think it's about time for a change for me as well. Congradulations again and just keep going at your fitness goals and let us know, even if it is sparadic

Kristen said...

Congratulations! That's very exciting news.