Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A change in routine

No weigh in today

Sorry for the long gap in posting. I've been pretty busy with work and home stuff, but that's not really an excuse. I just haven't had much to say in regards to fitness or diet lately. I guess my mind's just been elsewhere. That's not to say I've been phoning in my diet; quite the contrary, actually. I've been eating a lot more whole foods and increasing my fresh vegetable intake. I've been preparing almost all of my meals at home with less cheats (I think I've had 2 cheat meals in the past week and a half). So far, so good.

Exercise has been an issue, though. I've basically been gym-free since I finished moving. But that's changing. My girlfriend got a gym membership, and we'll now working out together 3-4 times a week. She was a competitive swimmer in high school, so she has been athletic in the past, but she's never done any form of weight training. She is eager to learn, though, so I'm teaching her all the fundamental movements: barbell squats, deadlift, bench and shoulder press. We did squats on Sunday, and she really enjoyed the experience, so I'm hopeful that we can make some good progress. Having a partner and an actual workout schedule should help me to be consistent with my workouts, as that is my weakest area. Our routine for now is solely strength based, with skill work added before and after. After a few weeks I will start introducing high-intensity workouts (Crossfit style, of course) when I feel that we are both ready to do so. Then we will split our gym sessions into 2 strength, 2 metcon per week. I'm hoping that by the time summer comes we will both be leaner, stronger, and fitter than ever.

I weighed in at 204 yesterday, so I've kept of the 3 pounds that I lost 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping to be back under 200 by the end of April, and as long as I'm consistent in the gym and in the kitchen I know I can get there.

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