Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving is not fun

No weigh in today

My scale is still packed away and I haven't weighed myself since Thursday, so no useful information there. This weekend was killer. We spent 12 straight hours moving on Saturday, then another 6 hours cleaning the old apartment, returning the moving truck, etc, on Sunday. I'm incredibly sore today, mainly in my calves, biceps, and forearms (from carrying heavy stuff up and down stairs). It was a lot of hard work, and a bit of frustration.

Diet this weekend was terrible. Pizza, tacos, McDonald's breakfast. Just awful. I'll be unpacking all my pots, pans, and spices tonight so I can get back to cooking again. I can't handle any more fast food.

Other than that everything is great. I'm really enjoying the new place. It's a good deal bigger than my old apartment, and we're about 2 miles from the beach now. And the kitchen has more counter space, which makes cooking a lot easier for me. Now I've gotta get back into a good routine after shaking things up so much.


Will @ 4XLT said...

Moving can be super brutal, but oddly gratifying like after the gym when you're sore.

Except when you're done at the gym, you don't have boxes left to unpack. Blarg.

Ripx180 said...

Hey hows it going over there??? been 2 weeks since you dropped us a line.