Monday, July 28, 2008

Updated goals

Today's Weigh-In: 202.4 lbs.
5-Day Average: 202.15 lbs.

Howdy folks. Just thought I'd pop in and put in a few words.

My 5-day average is down over a pound from last week, so it looks like I'm headed back in the right direction. A pound a week lost seems pretty doable to me, without having to do a real major restriction. With that conservative goal in mind, I've updated my long-term goals. I'm going to shoot for 195 by September 15th, with the ultimate goal of 185 by December 1st. That will put me at just over a year in weight-loss land, and will allow for my week-long vacation in August (where my goal is just to not gain any weight) to not hinder my goals.

I worked out both days this weekend, but not today. I have to go into work early all this week, so I'll have to work around that and find time to get into the gym. My brother and I went to the track yesterday and he ran me through sprint drills. Man, that's hard work. But it felt really good and I'm aiming to increase my cardio capacity, so we might start doing that on a weekly basis.

Weekend eating was bleh. I did eat out twice, but I tried to allocate my daily calories accordingly. All other meals were homemade and healthy. Admittedly, not perfect, so I know I'll have to focus a bit more and keep my weekend calories down.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Weekend's over, get back to it :)


Brandon said...

Alright, good work. I think your goals look pretty good to me with a doable time-table. Cardio may just be the theme of the week.

Keep it up!

Jason said...

Sounds good Geoff, you've done pretty well managing everything you have going on with your life right now.

I like the new goals, lets see you hit them and have a great week man! Sprint drills sound exhausting!

susie said...

Weekends are hard... so much social activity revolves around drinking and eating. It's great you compensated for your meals out!

What's involved in your sprint drills?