Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling motivated

Today's Weigh-In: 201.6 lbs.

I'm not going to comment on my weight other than to say that it is completely my fault.

For the past few weeks I have just been slacking off. The number one mistake is that I haven't been counting calories. The second mistake is that I haven't been exercising. The third mistake, which stems from the first (and somewhat due to the second, due to motivational issues) is that I've been eating crappy food (ice cream, cereal, prepackaged things). I've been "living it up," so to speak, but that stops today.

I've finally got my schedule hammered out, so I have no excuses for not getting my scheduled workouts in. I got today's in, and I felt so crappy and performed so poorly that it really motivated me to get my butt in gear again. When I was motivated and on fire I was making performance gains like crazy. Now I feel like passing out halfway through a workout that isn't even particularly intense!

I will be preparing all my food this week, and will count everything that goes into my mouth. I'll also make sure to avoid sugar, and to reduce my total carb intake (too many carbs make me feel bloated and sluggish). I won't be eliminating any food group or macronutrient, but I need to get my protein, fat, and carb ratios balanced again. I'm feeling pretty motivated, so I'm going to try to chain together as many perfect days as possible. This is what I need to move past the 200 pound mark for good.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you got your schedule figured out. Hopefully the semblance of normalcy will help with your weight loss efforts!

Jason said...

Good to see you back, scheduling makes a world of difference for me!

Lets see those sub-200 weigh-ins again, kick some ass in the gym and get your eating dialed in and you'll be down again in no time!