Monday, July 21, 2008


Today's Weigh-In: 203.2 lbs.

Ugh. I've been slacking so hard on the diet front it's not even funny. I've allowed myself to get in the mindset that I'm thin, I'm healthy, I don't need to be so strict about my diet. But that's just not true. I'm still overweight, and I still need to do something to make sure that I get rid of these additional pounds. This weekend was bad, last week was bad, it's just been bad all around.

But I'm tired of all that jazz. All of the bad food that was in my house is now gone, and I won't buy any more. No ice cream, no chips. Just good, whole foods. I made a big batch of chili yesterday, which I'm using for lunches throughout the week. I've got a pork loin marinating in the fridge for dinner tonight (and lunch tomorrow), and I've got almonds and walnuts (and protein powder) in my desk at work in case I need a snack. I'm lowering my caloric intake to 2000 calories per day (instead of 2200). If I can stay on track 90% this week I know that the weight will come back down.

On the workout front I've been doing really well, thankfully. My body is handling the load that I'm putting on it admirably. I've learned that working out with intensity 5 days a week is just too much for me to sustain without injury or burnout, so I've dropped the amount to 4x a week. That allows me to maximize my gains without killing my CNS or risking too much inflammation or injury.

As long as I can be consistent in both of these goals I think we will see some really good results.


Ripx180 said...

Looks like your pulling the reigns back in. You need to get back out of the 200s. Don't let yourself backslide too far, its a pita re loosing the pounds you already did once before not so long ago. Stay strong man.

Jason said...

Wow, looks as though you are setting everything right. You don't really need to much advice on this one. Just stick to what you just wrote and you'll be sitting under 200lbs again in no time.