Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today's Weigh-In: 200 lbs.

I finally got a chance to work out today. I attempted to get a run in on Sunday, but I started coughing really bad and had to give up. It was very disheartening. But by yesterday I've been feeling better and I decided that no matter what I was going to wake up early and do the Crossfit workout at my affiliate. I haven't been there since late September, so it's been quite a while. It was really nice to go there and be around people who care more about their fitness than their looks, where dropping weights from overhead is no problem, and where everyone encourages each other. I had forgotten how much I love being there compared to the regular gym (which I loathe).

Today's workout was the following:


All that means is you have 7 rounds of 1 rep and you try to get the maximum amount of weight up. I started at 95 pounds and worked my way up to 155, which was pretty heavy but definitely not my max. I wanted to take it easy on my first day back to avoid the possibility of injury due to muscle atrophy and reduced flexibility. All in all I felt great (except that I got a bit nauseous during the warm-up due to my crappy cardiovascular shape) and I plan to be there again tomorrow morning.

Lately I've been having a really hard time with getting out of bed and having low energy throughout the day, but after I forced myself to go workout this morning I feel amazing, even though I didn't get as much sleep as I normally do. I'm hoping that if I can stay consistent with the workouts I can overcome these issues.

My diet was pretty crap on Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday and today have been much better. I ate less than 2000 calories yesterday, all of which was good stuff, and I'm shooting for 2200 calories today. If I can keep it up through the weekend I might just see some weight loss come Monday. w00t!

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