Friday, January 2, 2009

Plans for 2009

I know everyone is doing a new year's blog, so I thought I'd join the party. I do have plans for this year, and now is as good a time as any to lay them out for you all.

I stopped drinking alcohol on January 1st, and I will continue abstaining for at least this month, but possibly longer depending on my results.

Starting on Monday (January 5th) I will be working on resetting my sleep schedule so that I will be waking up at 8:00AM every day. This is actually one of the harder things I will have to do (due to the effects of my medication) but it is absolutely necessary if I want to get back into my Crossfit workouts. I will not be doing any workouts in the mornings next week, but I just want to get my sleeping back on a tight schedule.

I will also be focusing, starting next week, on getting my diet shaped up. I know what to eat to lose weight, but lately I've been succumbing to more and more processed and high-carb foods. This weekend I will go shopping for meats, veggies, and fruits, and get rid of the crackers, chips, candy, and other junk from my cabinets and fridge.

After next week, once I can wake up at 8 without having to drag myself out of bed, I will be back in the gym in the mornings. I haven't really worked out for almost 2 months now, so it will definitely be hard and painful. But it will also be exceptionally rewarding. I miss the feeling of soreness in my muscles, and the rush of endorphins when I would beat a personal record. I miss the discipline it takes to get up and get into the gym every morning, and I miss the energy it would give me throughout the day. So I'm looking forward to getting into it and hitting it hard.

My weight right now is about 200 pounds, and my goal for this month is to finish at 195 pounds. I'm not too sure if that's feasible, but it's something to shoot for.

Happy new year, and good luck to everyone out there.

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Will @ 4XLT said...

Sounds like a good gameplan, man. Let's do it!