Thursday, May 30, 2013

May's done, let's make June happen

I took a vacation from work all last week, that definitely did not help me out in the weight loss department. Lots of booze and lots of crap food. I didn't gain anything though. Came back, weighed myself, 224. I've been cutting my calories and carbs the past few days in hopes of hitting my goal by June 1st, so it's doable but sketchy.

This month has been a transitionary period, I hope. Next month my goal is consistency in the gym, more specifically I want to get 22 gym sessions next month. That's averaging 5 days a week, which is what I really need to do to stay on the wagon. I've noticed whenever I get inconsistent with my workouts I also start slipping everywhere else. So hopefully I'll kill a few birds with one stone just by showing up consistently.

My new programming is pretty simple: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll do the Crossfit WOD at the gym, whatever it is. Tuesday and Saturday will be days focused on Olympic weightlifting (snatch and clean and jerk) since I have not made any good gains on my snatch in over a year. The regular Crossfit program contains the other strength lifts (squat, bench, deadlifts) so I really only need to supplement the Oly stuff. Ideally I would like to hit at least a 185 snatch and a 275 clean and jerk by the end of the month (currently at 175 and 260). Not sure it's doable, but hey, gotta have measurable goals.

I'll weigh in on the first and report in with my new weight goals for June.

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