Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keeping momentum

Nothing much to post, but I wanted to post nonetheless to keep this whole thing right in the forefront of my mind. I'm not going to be doing daily weigh-ins, I've decided they fluctuate too much and throw me off, and I know if I just do what I know I should do (hit my calories/macros and my scheduled training) the weight will go where it needs to. I'll weigh in at the end of each month, just for goal tracking.

Last week I only ended up doing 3 gym sessions (instead of the 5 I had planned) which is bad. I'm always strong at the beginning of the week, but lose my steam by Thursday. I think I get into this whole rest-day mentality of "it's a rest day, need to make the most of recovering (i.e. being lazy)" and then I have a hard time getting out of that mindset. I need to focus on more active recovery, and just not getting out of the routine of getting up every day and doing something, even if it's just getting warm and doing some mobility work, maybe go for a walk or easy bike ride.

I'll focus on not losing momentum going into the weekend this week. I only have 4 scheduled workouts this week, since I'm working a fundraising event on Saturday, but I'm going to try to squeeze in some kind of workout later in the day outside of the gym.

Food has been pretty good. I ate well over the weekend, but too much beer is hindering things, so I have to ratchet that down as well. Bit by bit, just gotta find these little issues and knock them down one by one.

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Brian said...

hey Geoff,
glad to see you're still posting. I'm back after a 2 year hiatus and you can guess that it's not because I'm thinner :) Anyhow, just though I'd say hi and that I'm glad to see you're keeping your blog active.