Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Starting day 2

Today's Weigh-In: 205.6 lbs.

My weight is back down where I expected it to be this morning, which made me breathe a sigh of relief. I really didn't want to have to try to lose 9 pounds in a month instead of 6. So far I've started out my day with a healthy breakfast, and I've got my lunch and snack packed and ready to go. I'll be doing another workout tonight, then I'll be visiting my girlfriend. Not sure what we'll be doing for dinner but I'll make sure that it's something that fits into my dietary requirements (probably El Pollo Loco chicken).

I've been getting up much earlier than normal to make sure I have time to get into the gym after work, and I actually feel pretty good about it. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and woke up at 7:30 today. I slept great, probably due to the lack of alcohol in my system. I'm looking forward to more positive changes like these in my life this month. I don't have my measurements with me (I'm at work) but I'll try to post them either tonight or tomorrow.

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Will (4xlt) said...

Right on dude - having a target that's a whole third lower is pretty awesome. Keep it going.