Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm still alive!

5-day average: 207.1 lbs.

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since my last post, so I'll try to bring you up to date on where I am.

The new routine has been a bit spotty so far. I've been getting 2-3 workouts in a week, but my girlfriend got sick for almost 2 weeks so she hasn't been in the gym since then. I've been playing with my gymnastics rings quite a bit, and they're really fun. Just doing simple things like skin-the-cats and attempting back levers really works the shoulders and core muscles, and my abs are killing me today from working out with them on Saturday.

My eating has been pretty crappy. It's the whole weekend thing, still. I eat fine Monday through Thursday and then blow it Friday through Sunday, even though I'm home more and could just take the time to cook. I think there are a couple of reason why I choose the easy route of convenience foods. First, I'm usually running low on food in my fridge and cupboards by about Friday or Saturday, since I usually go shopping on the weekend. Second, I'm tired by the end of the week and just want to relax. Third, my focus on eating well tends to wane when I'm not on a fixed schedule like I am throughout the week.

I can fix the first issue by going shopping in the middle of the week to restock essentials so I don't run out of anything. I can also try to prepare some food in bulk in the middle of the week as well so I will already have something healthy pre-made for when I don't feel like cooking. The third issue is not an easy one to overcome, so I'll have to think of some tricks for motivating myself a bit better.

My weight is fluctuating between 204 and 208 right now. I want to stabilize it on the lower end of this range and work towards getting under 200 again, so I'm weighing in every day again and keeping the 5-day running average. I'm also doing some intermittent fasting again to help give me a bit of a metabolic advantage (and to keep calories lower).

I am going camping and fishing this Thursday and will be gone all weekend. I plan on bringing my rings with me and creating some fun outdoor workouts. I foresee lots of burpees, ring pull-ups, and lifting of logs in my future :) I'm going shopping for the trip with my dad, so I will try to make sure that we don't get a bunch of garbage food. My dad has been focused on eating healthier lately, and cutting out a lot of bad carbs, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. And, if we catch anything, we'll have some delicious rainbow trout to feast on. I'm definitely looking forward to that.


Brandon said...

Enjoy your trip, sounds like fun. When I get a little free time I'm definatly going fishing.

BTW, what brand rings are you using and how do you like them?

Ripx180 said...

Man I have always struggled with bad eating on the weekends. I think the same things you list as reasons for it happening are pretty much the same for me. I know if I want to ultimately get where I want to be thats gotta stop for the most part. So if you figure it out let me know ;). I dont want to get stuck on another 2-3 month plateau so I know I need to keep focused. Have fun fishing this coming weekend.

Geoff said...

Brandon: I have the Elite Rings from I like them quite a bit, they're lightweight, sturdy, and fit my hands well.

Rip: If I figure it out I'll definitely let you know ;)

Jason said...

Have a good time Geoff. Good to hear from you and be back. I too have the same problem I think with me though it comes out of bordem of eating and drinking the same all week long then going a friend might offer to go out somewhere and then it's downhill because "hey, it's the weekend".

Will (4xlt) said...

Good to see you're back, Geoff! Keep it going, dude, and get rolling on that food thing.

I know exactly how it goes with hating to cook and choosing convenient/fast food. Everybody hates this, but I'll say it any way: be smart about fast food and it's possible to do okay, at least from a caloric total perspective (rather than macronutrients and nutrition).

For the cooking thing, I'll just toss a bunch of chicken in a big pan with some spices, maybe add an onion, and then cook that bad boy. I take it out 45 minutes later, put the chicken in containers and into the fridge, and then clean the pan. Easy.