Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back from vacation

No weigh-in today, but I weighed in at 204.9 on Tuesday and 204.2 yesterday, so I'm finally headed in the right direction again. I've been pretty good with tracking my food and not mindlessly snacking like I am wont to do at night. Even healthy snacks can put you over on your daily calorie needs.

My fishing trip was a lot of fun. I only caught one fish, but it was great to get away from civilization with all the congestion, pollution, and stress that it brings. The weather was amazing, in the low 80s every day with a nice breeze, extremely blue skies, and it was nice and dry so it didn't even feel as hot as it was. The creek water was about 45 degrees, and I was using some thin hip-waders, so that kept me nice and cool.

My dad loves to cook, so he cooked all the food we had during those 4 days. We actually ate very healthy, except for the many, many beers consumed. They were light beers, though, and we were extremely active, so we burned those off pretty easily. All in all it was a good time.

I found a new Crossfit gym which is pretty close to my work and my girlfriend's house, and their prices are very reasonable (with a couples discount to boot) so I'm going to go check them out next week and see if it's a good fit for us. The globo-gym scene is really starting to bother both of us, so it will be nice to start working out in a real CF gym again.


Will (4xlt) said...

Sounds like a real good trip, man. My pop and I took a guided fishing trip (as neither of us are the outdoorsman types) a few years ago before I moved two thousand miles away from the family in Oklahoma, and it is hands-down one of my favorite memories.

But... "globo-gym?"


Geoff said...

The term "globo-gym" is a reference to the movie "Dodgeball." It's the chain of gyms owned by Ben Stiller's character, and in general parlance refers to franchise gyms which focus on lots of machines, cardio, and not a lot of actual effective fitness. I get all kinds of crazy looks whenever I do things like box jumps, and they simply don't have the room or equipment to do effective gymnastics or Olympic weightlifting.