Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day Three

Hey folks. I wanted to write a post yesterday but just couldn't find the time. Project "StopBeingSoFatOhGodWhyAreYouSoFatEww" is going swimmingly. I did my bench press and conditioning workout yesterday, and ran some hill sprints this morning (which suck, btw), and I've been good with what I put in my face (and how much). Had a protein shake and a turkey wrap for breakfast yesterday, then a lunch of taco salad (lettuce, lean carne asada & chicken breast, salsa, and guacamole), and a Subway turkey sandwich (6") with double meat for dinner (which I count as one of my weekly cheats due to the bread). Been snacking on seaweed snacks, sunflower seeds, and beef jerky, and taking all the supplements that I usually do (creatine, magnesium, fish oil, and vitamin D).

I didn't get a chance to weigh in this morning, but yesterday I was 218, so I've already dropped some bloat weight. I'm feeling pretty good so far, a little tired due to eating low carb but that should go away after about a week or two as my body adjusts to burning fat more efficiently. I've had a few cravings for stuff like booze and burgers, but not as much as I though I would. I'm sure they'll hit hard at some point, so I just have to be at the ready with healthy alternatives and hope I can hold out. And I think the weekly cheat meals will help as well.

Initially I had planned to do a cheat day, but now that I'm actually doing this I think doing 2 simple cheat meals per week is a better plan. That way I can do one during the middle of the week (Wednesdays are particularly busy for me) and one on Friday or Saturday when I can go out to dinner with my girlfriend. I've been reading Dr. John Berardi's recommendations (from Precision Nutrition) and eating 10% of meals out of diet is in line with what he prescribes, which seems to work pretty well. It also forces me to get right back on the wagon after a cheat instead of just letting it ride for a few days and lose a ton of progress. We'll see how it goes, and I'll adjust if it's just not working.

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