Monday, January 30, 2017

Still here, still working

Today's weigh-in: 255.6 lbs.

I've been meaning to post more often but life has gotten in the way. The first few weeks were a little tough, adjusting to a cleaner diet and more exercise, but I'm pretty dialed in right now. I've pretty much hit my goal for this month (yeah, .6 over, but I'll take it, and I still have today and tomorrow). I haven't worked out as much as I wanted to, so it's been almost all diet. Initially I was just counting calories without regard to food quality, but in the last week I've transitioned into a low-carb, no alcohol approach which is working really well for me right now. My energy levels are great, my sleep is restful, my GERD symptoms have reduced by 80%, and I'm motivated to start hitting the gym hard again.

My goal for February is to end the month under 250 lbs.

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