Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 3 completed

Today's weigh-in: 240.0 lbs.

I know, I missed posting last week. It was a hectic week. I haven't fallen off the wagon, though. I've finally completely overcome my bronchitis, and being consistent in the gym has helped me regain some of my lost capacity. The blood pressure medicine the doctor put me on is doing its job, and my blood pressure is now just a bit above the normal range. Still working on lowering it completely and getting off the ACE inhibitor, but that'll come along with lowering my body weight and improving my overall fitness.

What it does mean is I can lift again, so over the past 2 weeks I've been adding squatting, pressing, and olympic lifting back into the routine, and I'm progressing nicely. Yesterday was the first workout I've done in a long time where I didn't feel like passing out or being unable to catch my breath after squatting, and just felt really good overall. Today I'll be focusing on conditioning, and tomorrow is bench press and deadlift along with pull-up work.

It's only been in the last week really that I've started to be able to dial in my diet, but I'm definitely gaining momentum in that area. My cravings for sweets are almost completely gone, replaced with cravings for meat. I've started cooking for myself again, making sure I have groceries, and prepping meals ahead of time. I've gotten rid of all snack foods and junk from my fridge and pantry, and now I just eat 2-3 solid meals, and maybe a protein shake after the gym if I feel like it.

I'm going to ride this momentum and use it to continue to adjust and fine-tune my diet and workout regime to maximize my fitness gains and weight loss. See you next week, hopefully we'll see a number under 240 for once.

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